Route #03: Achter de schermen

Geplaatst op: 07 mei 2019

Achter de schermen laat Rotterdam haar ware gezicht zien. Laat je verrassen!

For Rotterdam explorers from the very start

Would you like to experience something more? So much more is happening than what meets the eye during RAM! We take you behind the scenes: along hidden gardens and on a journey through time to the Coolsingel of the roaring twenties. Green treasures, a salon of yesteryear, the history of the exciting house Sonneveld & Van Nelle – a world opens up to you behind all-concealing facades.

Construction sites and exclusive visits

Take a deep breath and smell Parfum de BoemBoem: dive into the construction pits in Rotterdam and be surprised en route by raw performances and music, starting with POST podium. The cloud of steel and glass’, the Timmerhuis, reveals its magic and spectacular terrace – only during this RAM. Or would you rather take an exclusive look behind the scenes in De Markthal?

Special Tours

Do not forget to put the Day of Architecture in your agenda! For a weekend you will hear stories and experience special guided tours by architects, makers and buildings that are usually not open to the public. Pakhuismeesteren (Roommate Bruno), the Schiecentrale and Create @ Müllerpier will open their doors for the first time during RAM19.