An inspiring TOP^ about the layered city

Published on: 05 May 2021

Leading up to the TOP^ summit, four expert meetings held place. From these meetings, the most relevant talking points for this summit emerged. In a podcast, Bas van der Pol (AIR) and Léon van Geest (Rotterdamse Dakendagen) reflect on two expert meetings that took place in March and April. Click here to read the reports. Both the podcast and reports are in English.

Rotterdamse Dakendagen · TOP^: The Layered City – Podcast


An inspiring summit about the layered city

TOP^ will take place on Friday 4 June. Where, in addition to keynotes about the latest state of roofs, Rotterdam architects and policymakers on stage discuss the layered city with their international colleagues.

The afternoon programme starts with a short opening speech. About a series of dialogues that connect Rotterdam with international experts in policy, urban strategy, design and ownership, air rights and architectural innovation. These experts answer questions from their field while looking at Rotterdam and other cities. What are the differences and similarities in urban strategies? How can Luchtpark Hofbogen in Rotterdam learn from the famous High Line Park in NYC? Can the principle of air rights, already widely applied in the United States, also be of value to Rotterdam? What are some of the new innovative principles and design solutions for the layered city: from high-rise to roofs? These are questions that will be addressed during the first TOP ^ summit.

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Image: De Urbanisten, Hofbogenpark